What is the AWTSMOOS? Awtsmoos literally means "bones", and metaphorically it refers to the Essence of the Creator of the universe. Why is that, you might immediately be asking yourself in confusion? Because just like bones are the foundation of a person, similarly, the Awtsmoos, the Essence of the Creator, is the foundation of all existence. For the following, see ספר המאמרים מלוקט ד"ה וחזקתה] It says in the prophets: "You are Hashem, alone. You have made the heavens etc. {The heavens of the heavens, and all that is in them...}... You give life to them all" These three phases refer to 3 ways the Awtsmoos is revealed. When it says “You”, that's second person, which is a direct reference, in this case referring to the infinite aspect of the Creator that's automatically found in all places equally, such that even little kids have a natural awareness of the Creator. This also corresponds to the entire first phrase ("you are Hashem, alone"). The second word, “are”, in Hebrew is really “He” (like “you are He, who is Hashem, alone”). He is third person, which refers to that which is hidden. In this case it refers to how the Awtsmoos is the source for it's own existence ("His Existence is from His Essence"), which is the source for the idea of free will, and finite creation, because creations feel like they are their own existence, just like their source, the Awtsmoos, is truly it's own Existence, which exists from itself alone. That's why it corresponds to the second verse “you have made the heavens..” – finite creation. The third word “Hashem” refers to the 4 letter name of the Awtsmoos, which was revealed to Moshe at the burning bush, as well as to millions of people at the Revelation of Mount Sinai. This is also known as the Essentially Name, since it's a “name” (which acts as a container) for the Essence of all existence (the Awtsmoos). This name is the third mentioned in the phrase, so it is associated with the number 3. When one has two contradictory ideas, a third idea can come along and reconcile the other 2. This is the idea of the name Hashem, it “reconciles” the “contradiction” between infinite and finite, as alluded to in the first two words (and verses) as mentioned. It's therefore a “combination” between infinite and finite, because it's beyond both, and thus has the ability to “reconcile” the two. There why it corresponds to the third verse “you give life to them all”. The idea of life itself refers to the infinite power of the Awtsmoos, alluded to in the first verse and word ("You"), as mentioned, since the idea of life is continuity, to continue existing. The idea of the creations themselves, however, is associated with the concept of being finite and limited, since the actual bodies of the creations, even the greatest of creations, is still limited. So in order to give life, an infinite power, to that which is normally limited, it's through a combination of both limitation and infinity, from a level that is beyond both, and can thus combine both. And this is the idea of the name Hashem, the Essential name, as it's the “container” for the Awtsmoos.