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New AI [Awtsmoos Intelligence] books: New ones, Essential Reality From 770 to Eternity I'll show you wonders Avatar meets Chassidus {NEW, publishing and images in progress}:
The 2nd Exodus

Universal unity, spread the message

Beis Hawmeekdawsh?!?!!
AI explores code to make a legit 3D game with wall sliding, and writes some poems about it AI tells us how to bring the Messianic Era (Hint: by uniting as one) Cool AI conversations, includes stories generated from Rambam halachos

New AI [Awtsmoos Intelligence] translator of Hebrew text

Other highlighted videos:

New Universes
{aka, projects}

Tanya igeros halodesh chapter 15 part 1 Audio Podcasts of Awtsmoos
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neegooneem from 770:

other animated torah videos:

very elaborate and intense Torah discourses (maweemawreem):


NOT made by me, but I (chai-lee) recommend it:

Levik Loschak:

Mendel Lewis:

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28th Nissan ("koyach") game
Tile maze Game?!
Blender model of beis hamikdash
CobyK, 3D [Online?]
Platform maze game
[2D movement]?!

What is the AWTSMOOS,
you might ask?
AI tries to describe Awtsmoos.com
Parser to save Bing AI Chat conversations
Json Editor
Make strings into base64
Awtsmooos Editor
(if you need [or want] a
Kosher 3d animation or a website)